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White portland cement has essentially the same properties as gray cement, with the exception of color. You can buy white cement online since it’s readily available. The color of white cement is determined by its raw materials and the manufacturing process. Metal oxides, mainly iron and manganese, affect the whiteness and color of the material.

Reasons to buy from site supply:

When you buy white cement online with us, expect the best quality already. After adding pigments, white cement produces clean and bright colors, especially for light pastel shades. Many different colors of concrete can be created, and just as with paint, two or more pigments can be combined to achieve a wide range of decorative appearances. An even greater variety of decorative appearances can be achieved by using color additives and varying the treatment or texture of the Surface refinement can be achieved. We provide you with reliable quality cement at affordable rates.

Types of Cement Available At site supply:

ASTM C 595 on mixed cement includes other pozzolanic materials or slag in cement. There is no inherent reason why white cement should be used. However, secondary ingredients like pozzolans or slags may not have the same color control as portland cement, so a mixed cement product is more likely to vary in color.

ASTM C 1157 for hydraulic cement is based on performance characteristics. The six cement types described in this standard are closely related to the cement types in C 150. In fact, the cement that meets C 150 often also meets C 1157 at the same time.

The most common GU type for general use is similar to Type I.Type HE, with high green strength, is similar to type III. These are the most likely C 1157 materials needed for white and colored concrete applications, just as Types I and III are the most popular C 150 types for these purposes. CSA A 3001 is the Canadian Standards Association's standard for Cementitious Materials for Use in Concrete.

The nomenclature for cement is the same as C 1157. The nomenclature for mixed cement is based on these designations. As well as the specifications. by ASTM, white cement could be specified as portland cement but is unlikely to be specified in the mixed cement specifications.

About White Cement:

Mixture designs for white or concrete colors are formulated according to the respective effect Ingredients on the concrete color: Type and color of the cement type and dosage of the pigment type and dosage of aggregates Type, gradation, color and purity of fine and coarse aggregates Consistent proportions, in particular maintaining a uniform cement-water ratio For every architectural project, sample panels must be on the construction site after a mixed concept has been developed. as a reference for the color and overall appearance of the surface. White cement is widespread in India and aggregates are abundant across the country. In the end, white cement can be anywhere you need it. Manufacturers generally control the color of white cement by limiting the amount of iron and manganese oxides allowed.