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TRIMURTI POP (40kg) Categories:POP

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The most delicate aspect to be taken care of while constructing a building is its finishing. Finishing defines the appearance and durability of the structure. Plaster of Paris (POP) is helpful in giving your building a desirable finish. Made out of high-quality Gypsum with special additives, Trimurti Plaster of Paris (POP) is a white colored powder used for applying early coats to the interior walls and shaping the structure or creating casts. 

The best part of Trimurti POP is that it hardens quickly which makes it favorable to the construction teams and saves their time.

*(Minimum Order Qty : 50)

Surface Preparation

  • Before applying remove any dust, loose particles, oil, traces of adhering material from thesurfaces.
  • It’s better to use sandpaper, putty blade or wire brush to help it clean.
  • To achieve good workability and higher coveragealways pre-wet the surface before application.
  • All holes and cracks on the surface of the brick wall should be repaired before plastering.
  • Hacking is necessary before application


  • Plaster of Paris is mostly applied as a protective coating on walls and ceilings.
  • POP is also used as a molding and casting agent for decorative items and elements.
  • It is required to give aesthetic finishing touches to the structures that beautifies them.
  • Because of its fire-resistant nature, it is also used to avoid fire hazards in a building.

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