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What is White Cement – Manufacture, Specifications, Properties, and Uses


One such important raw material used in construction is white cement. If your local market is high on price then you can buy cement online from Site Supply.

Apart from the white texture, the white cement resembles the exact properties found in grey ordinary Portland cement. Along with a high degree of whiteness, it is durable and strong. When it comes to quality, the white ordinary Portland cement has to undergo a certain test in order to acquire IS 8042-1989. The other name of white cement is Portland cement.

Manufacturing Of White Cement: -

White cement has the same properties as grey cement but when it comes to the manufacturing process, differ by a huge margin. During the process of manufacturing, to increase the whiteness of cement, iron and manganese are added up to form metal oxide. White cement is generally costlier than grey cement because of the manufacturing cost and raw materials used. You must have witnessed the architectural beauty, ornamental concrete products, interior and exterior wall decorations, tiles, floorings, swimming pools etc. uses the whiteness of white cement.

In today's market, you can find a number of coloured cement available to choose from. In order to obtain the required colour, various pigments were mixed. Even if the colour varies, yet the properties are similar to white cement. But the thing is, to bring out any coloured cement, one simply has to mix colour pigments whereas in terms to obtain brightly coloured mortars and concretes, varied inorganic pigments are added in white cement. If we speak of pigment addition to ordinary cement, then it may produce unattractive and somewhat dull colours.

Some attractive colours like bright reds, greens, and yellows can be readily produced with white cement. The blue concrete pigment is a bit expensive to achieve than other friendly colours. A concrete mixture is used to mix the pigments thoroughly. In a ball mill, an intimate mixture of the pigments needs to be done with cement to secure the uniformity of colour. Cement Prices are decided as per the demand and supply principle.

Specification Of White Cement: -

There are some wonderful specifications that come with white cement. Those are: -

  • Fineness: -

Two methods are always recommended to find out the fineness of white cement.

The first method puts the cement on IS test Sieve No.9 after the common sieving process. In the case of ordinary white cement, it should not exceed 10%. The second method tests specific surface by air permeability. In the case of ordinary white cement, it should not be less than 2150 sq. cm/kg.

  • Soundness: -

As per IS 269 of 1989, 0.5% is the benchmark that is set for autoclave expansion. Under any circumstance, it should not be more than 0.5%.

  • Setting Time: -

Some criteria are set by VICAT under the apparatus method described in IS: 4031. There are two requirements that the setting time of any type/grade of cement must follow. First, the initial setting time should not be less than 30 minutes. Secondly, the final setting time should not be more than 10 hours.

  • Compressive Strength: -

M10, M20, and M30 are the three major types of cement concrete mix used for compressive strength. The strength benchmark for any cement concrete should not be less than 70%.

Properties And Usages Of White Cement: -

Whenever you buy cement for construction, you should always look for and prefer factory-manufactured cement that is from a reputed manufacturer. Always avoid cement from the local plant manufacturer. Packaging must be done in the factory itself and proper care should be taken when it is packed. Never go for a locally packed cement package. At Site Supply we make sure to offer our customers/clients authentic goods, so we constantly check for manufacturing date, type, and grade of cement. We make sure to offer freshly packed packages and avoid packages that are more than six weeks old. Buy Cement Online from Site Supply to get the most value.

  • Guidelines For Quality Check: -
  1. Each bag must weigh 50 kg.
  2. The cement must be packed in waterproof bags.
  3. Stitching is not too hard for the cement bags.
  4. The date Of Manufacturing must be mentioned.
  5. Polypropylene bags or synthetic jute bag packaging.
  6. The bags must not be torn by side and stitched in later.
  7. The date of manufacturing must not be more than six weeks old.
  8. Small lumps should not be there in the package due to moisture.
  9. Identification marks must be present on the consignment packages.
  10. Trademark, type, grade, and manufacturer’s name should be there.
  11. Discourage plant manufactured and encourage factory manufactured.
  12. Weight must be managed before the board and proper stacking should be encouraged.
  • Precautions To Be Taken During Cement Transportation: -
  1. The transportation vehicle must be clean or else it will reduce the strength of the cement.
  2. During the monsoon season, it is wise to transport cement bags under covered tarpaulin or polythene sheets.
  3. During the loading and unloading process, the labour should not damage the bags.
  • Precautions To Be Taken During stacking/storing white cement: -
  1. Don’t place the bags directly on the ground.
  2. Use the cement on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  3. Know your Cement Prices before stacking and sorting.
  4. Cover the cement bags with polythene/tarpaulin sheets.
  5. Reduce air circulation by keeping the bags near to each other.
  6. A moisture-proof, dry, and leak-proof place must be selected.
  7. If you have multiple consignments then stalk them differently.
  8. To avoid lumps under pressure, don’t stalk more than 10 bags.
  9. The quality of cement will get affected in case of moisture, so it is wise to store the cement in a moist proof place.
  10. Before stalking the cement bags, make sure to have a dry brick floor, or wooden planks, or whatever else that’s not wet.

 Caution for storage/stacking: -

When you assign your construction work to a contractor, make sure that he uses the same consignment that we have delivered. To save labour and money, what contractors do is, don't take proper care of the cement and place them haphazardly at the construction site. This eventually reduces the strength of cement is due to environmental factors.

It has also been seen that after laying the RCC slab the contractor leave the cement bags on-site, this is not a healthy practice as the bags may draw moisture from the floor and walls. New buildings are generally wet so it is wise to have a proper setup before receiving the consignment bags.

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