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What is wall putty?


The solution fills in cracks, defects, and gaps in the wall to produce a level basis for your paint if applied correctly. The smooth mixture of wall putty and water can be applied to any type of wall to achieve a flawless finish on the inside or outside of your home. 

How to make best use of it?

Before painting any surface, skilled painters usually apply two layers of wall putty. The first coat fills in the flaws, while the second coat guarantees that the coated surface and the wall are perfectly aligned. The putty can be applied to both wet and dry walls. They can be applied to plastered walls in the same way as they are to concrete walls. They are the finest choice for painting any sort of wall because to their adaptability.

With wall putty, achieving a beautiful paint surface is a breeze. It provides an equal and smooth surface to color over, laying down a sturdy foundation for the paint. Whether you've recently moved into a new home or are preparing to repaint your rooms, it will ensure that your fresh paint lasts longer and maintains its new-home appearance all year.

Types of wall putty

  1. White cement wall putty:

For interior and exterior walls, a white cement-based wall putty is well-known. It's manufactured with unique additives and fillers and can be used as a putty, sealer, and filler on plaster or concrete walls. A white cement-based wall putty is made by combining white cement, minerals, and polymers. They come in a dry form and emit no noxious odour when applied to the wall.

  1. Acrylic wall putty:

Acrylic wall putty is a water-based wall putty that dries faster and has a matt texture than white cement-based putty. It offers the paint a long-lasting, extra-smooth surface and gives your home a deep matt finish. To make your emulsions appear richer and better, the Acrylic Putty is manufactured with outstanding whiteness and precise consistency.

How to use wall putty?

  1. If you're going to paint a new masonry surface, allow it to cure first before applying the wall putty paint. Before beginning work on the masonry surface, experts recommend waiting at least 6 months for it to cure. 
  1. Before applying the primer or putty, make sure the surface is completely clean. The quality of your paint could be harmed by any unevenness, apparent dust, or algae. Using good grade sandpaper, remove any loose paint, grease, or dust from the surface of your wall. 
  1. Use a wire brush and water to remove any algae or fungus that has grown. 
  1. Clean the wall's surface using a gentle cloth. 
  1. Before applying the wall putty paint, apply a coat of Water Thinn able Primer.
  1. Allow for a drying time of about 7 hours. 
  1. Fill the irregularities on the wall with one of the wall putty varieties. 
  2. Allow for 4 to 6 hours of drying time before proceeding. 
  3. Smooth the surface with sandpaper before wiping it down with a soft towel. 
  4. Apply the last primer coat. 
  1. Sand the surface with different sandpaper after it has dried. Your painting surface is now ready.

What kind of putty is used for walls?

The Acrylic wall putty is the greatest of the wall putty varieties for bringing out the best qualities of your paint. Acrylic Wall Putty is produced with the finest components by skilled craftsmen to give your dead walls a premium touch. With its powerful adhesiveness, it improves the appearance of your paint and extends its endurance. To provide you a solid grip on the wall's surface, we used unique binders when manufacturing the wall putty.


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